Monday, May 11, 2009

News and Updates

News and Updates.

  • Swagbucks payment proof-$5Amazon voucher CLICK HERE
  • New sites coming soon, awaiting payment for payment proof or research undergoing.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paid To Click

PTC (paid to click)
  1. NeoBux
  2. ChristyClix

NeoBux-Very trusted site, $0.01 per click and $0.005 per click from a referral. $2 min payout to either paypal or AlertPay. you can also use your fund to enter the mini jackpot, jackpot and mega jackpot sweepstakes to give you the chance to win lots of money.

ChristyClix-This seems to be a new-ish site. Doesn't pay much per click $0.0025 (quarter of a cent) per click and %100 commission from referrals. Although there is a low payout to paypal/alert pay of just $1. Nice for a little extra in your paypal every now and then really.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paid To Search

Paid To Search
  1. SwagBucks

Swagbucks-Earn/win swagbucks while you search on this google operated search engine.. So you will be doing what you do anyway, only getting paid. you can redeem your swagbucks for plenty of great prizes. I have already redeemed several Amazon vouchers. They are very trust worthy and it is easy to use! Just like google only rewarding

Best thing to do here is search at least once a day, as you are guaranteed to win some swagbucks once a day. usually takes between 1 and 6 searches. after that they become more and more rare. I usually win twice a day and sometimes 3-4 per day. But remember you can win upto 100 swagbucks at a time. I havnt done so yet won alot of 2's and a few 5's but a $5 amazon voucher is just 45 swagbucks!

Swagbucks payment proof-$5Amazon voucher CLICK HERE for image.

Paid For Surveys & Offers

Paid For Surveys & Offers
  2. CashCrate
  3. Points2Shop Although this is a cash back site, there are plenty of free offers, sign ups and surveys that pay you valuable money. You get £5 just to sign up. The min payout is £25 and will be payed within 30 days from when you earn the minimal payout. Payments will then be issued automatically via BACS directly into your bank account or as an Amazon Gift Voucher. A 5% bonus is paid on payments by Amazon Gift Voucher.

If you use You can earn 30% cash back each time you win a bid or buy it now. You just need to sign up at and use the tracking link they suply you with each time you make a purchase on

CashCrate- Users who meet the minimum payout (only $20!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month by check. Fill in offers and surveys. There are plenty to choose from, you can filter a search to find the 100% free offers or if you don't mind the investment or see something you like, you can browse the offers that pay more.

- very similar to Cashcrate only you earn points instead of cash which you can then use to purchase thousands of brilliant things from Amazon directly from the Points2shop website. No gift cards or vouchers needed. Points are easy to earn and almost unlimited offers avalable. You can also use points to enter competition and challenge other users on games.


- At Toluna you can not only test there products at home, you can earn generous amounts of points for taking there surveys. the points can then be redeemed for gift cards. Including Amazon gift cards.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paid To Play

Paid To Play:
  1. KERclink

KERclink-This is a fun way to earn money and very easy I might add. just download the software and get on with it. Play games, get bonuses and earn 'KERclinks' or every now and then you will be rewarded a cash boost to play a game, keep a look out for them on the tool bar. At the end of the month after they work out the exchange rate your Kerclinks will be converted to money. they are so easy to earn and fun too!

Paid To Socialize

Paid To Socialize:
  1. MyLot
  2. Yuwwie

MyLot-get paid to talk bout whatever interests you on the forum boards. also get paid to complete certain tasks. MyLot is catching up with myspace and facebook rapidly only difference is that here you get paid!

Yuwie-You get paid for viewing profiles, people veiwing yours and general socializing here. much easier than mylot but much less rewarding unless you either keep extra active or have alot of referrals..

Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange:

  1. Click Voyager
  2. Simpleref
  3. EasyHits4U
  4. You Cubez

Click Voyager-Here there are multiple contests such as top surfers(daily) league points(weekly) and referral contest(monthly) Also they give out bonus's such as random credit boosts while searching, 'cv slots' where you can win upto 1,000 credits per spin, even hangman and hi or low which you play on random surf pages also. Although the speed of the exchange isnt at the top, the reward system clears it easy. Which means you will simply make up for the lack of speed by getting clickers as you sleep with it being easy to earn your way to the top. Last but not least- you can bid daily to get the 'sponsor site' if you win this bid your site could get around 2k hits on that day.

Simpleref-This has no auto or manual surf, it is based on banners and sign ups. You can determine how many credits you want to reward people to click your banner or sign up to your program. It actually works very well. If you are generous with your rewards you will get more people clicking/signing up quicker, but if you value your credits more than your time, then you can just wait it out that little bit longer.

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange
EasyHits4U-Here it is very speedy in getting your visitors, complete opposite to simpleref, here it is only surf system. 1:1 ratio with 20 second timer, you can also earn cash rewards, $0,30 every 1,000 pages you surf and random bonuses after hitting a target indicated while surfing which includes cash.

You Cubez-Here it is very different and fun way to exchange traffic. you buy a cube with a starting value of $1 and add cube funds to it by clicking other cubes, getting referrals, playing games and more. The more you earn on your cube the high it appears on the list, bringing in more visitors. yoo can sell your cube at anytime. There are 3 types of currency here, cube funds-only for adding to your cube value, account funds- used to buy cubes, upgrades, clicks and earning which you can cash out into paypal. There are plenty of free offers to fill in which will give you all type of funds, free referrals and cubes so there is no need to spend any real money!